Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LifE SaveR

This story is from history.Well, I'm not quite sure whether it is a fictional or a real story.

In 1973, Mrs. Bandaranayke’s government decided to establish the Shipping Corporation and decided to buy a Ship. Srilanka's first  ship Mv.Lanka Rani inaugurated the first Liner service in Srilanka. 

All srilankans were so amazed and they went to see that as it is first ship.Everybody were allowed to go inside and have a look.It was crowded by lots of people. Suddenly one girl fell in to the sea from the ship.All were shocked.They didn't know what to do as there ain't any life saver equipments.

Most of the youngsters pretended as they gonna jump and save the girl but nobody did it.Suddenly an old man jumped from the ship and struggled to save that girl. Fortunately an Army life saver boat came by the way and saved both of them.

Once they are safe,all the press reporters rushed to that old man and tried to interview him.They asked "when all the others waited without giving a try to save that girl,even youngsters ,How could you tried?Which made you to do this amateur work?'

He replied "If I ever see the person who pushed me down from the ship,I'll cut him into the pieces.. @#%$%&% &%^#$$#" 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Simple hitting. Blood pouring..

Nobody is perfect. NOBODY..Even the people who shows them as perfect,they do have some silly minus points.

This story is about a teacher and his language.I'm not writing this to insult teachers(even am not so good in languages).But a small funny note to share with everybody.

There was a teacher in a small school who is very poor in English language.But he was very smart in covering it up.

One day when he was teaching,the class next to his, was filled with of noises.He got irritated by the noise as he couldn't continue the lesson.So he went to that class.

When he went, he saw two class students got together and playing cricket inside the class room.He shouted at them angrily and told them not to make any noise.Once he gone,they started doing the same thing again.

He was annoyed to the extreme and came back. Angrily slapped one child. unfortunately,The child's ear started bleeding.It was a very small injury on outer ear.But all the students made the teacher scare saying it is bleeding from inside.

The incident was taken to the principal.He asked what exactly happened.So the teacher started explaining this way.

"Two classes....Small Children...Playing cricket....
Shouting shouting....
I,one time telling. No hearing...
two times telling. No hearing...
three times telling No hearing...
Simple hitting. Blood pouring..."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Half Brother's Question

My Great Grand uncle passed away last week.Oh No,Don't sympathize that much because it was a happy news/incident for me(How cruel mined I am....).Because the funeral was in my home town which is far,far away.So it was a picnic after a long time(for me) :)

Not only myself.I could see all my relatives were in the same mood.I was quite happy about it otherwise I should pretend like crying(which I used to do in all the funeral houses).

My aunt's son,He is only 3 years old.A naughty brat though he is very quiet always.A silent killer.He has never been to any funerals.That is his first experience.He silently sat on a chair and noticed everything which was happening.Not even a single word he uttered.

After they took the coffin to the grave yard,he ran to me and asked. "Akki(Sister), Why they put our grand uncle inside a cupboard?And they are carrying him away as well.Are they going to throw him in to garbage pit?????He gonna smell bad when he returns home.Yuck....!"

I was speechless.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Acer Liquid Metal Officially Announced

The line of smartphones Acer not developing too fast, but gradually and naturally. The first company communicators were presented in 2008, but the Windows Mobile platform is not very suited to a good start, amid suggestions from HTC devices Acer did not look too well.

Acer has officially launched the Liquid Metal, their latest Android smartphone.The first Android-smartphone Acer Liquid (S100) significantly changed the opinion of the company's products.The Acer Liquid Metal is positioned between the Liquid E and the Stream.

If Liquid stood an excellent design, the Stream has turned completely utilitarian: white plastic, matte backdrop, the standard rectangular shape. But while technically Acer Stream is very good, he is at the level flagships of other companies, and thus is a bit cheaper. Among its characteristics AMOLED screen with a glass protection, 1 GHz processor and more memory, the latest version of the OS, its own shell, support for Dolby Mobile (for the first time for Android). Well, in the line of Liquid early next year, there is a direct sequel, Liquid Metal, which corrects the main shortcomings of its predecessors. Now smartphone metal panels and a fully redesigned user interface on top of a standard Android. By the way, OS version, the new product - the latest, 2.2.

· Network: GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), WCDMA / HSDPA (850/1900/2100 MHz)
· OS: Android 2.2 + services Google (Market) and a proprietary hull Acer UI 4.0 (Breeze)
· Processor: Qualcomm MSM 7230800 MHz
· Display: TFT, 3.6 "touch screen, capacitive resolution of 800x480 pixels, 16M colors
· Camera: 5 megapixel with autofocus, HD-video (1280x720, 24 fps)
· Memory: ROM 512 MB, 384 MB RAM, a slot for SD memory micro-SD
· Navigation: GPS, Google Maps and Mapping Navitel
· CommunicationsWi-Fi 802.11b/g/n (DLNA), Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR (A2DP), Micro-USB
· Battery: Li-Ion, 1500 mAh
· Dimensions: 115 x 63 x 13.5mm
· Weight: 135 g
· Home sales in Russia: January 2011
· Price in Russia: an estimated 17 thousand rubles.

The new version, Liquid Metal, brings a range of metallic elements and greatly improve the functionality. If the masthead on all grounds Acer Stream is not so interesting outside, then the Liquid Metal - fashion solution, with not too much worse than the flagship of opportunities.