Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LifE SaveR

This story is from history.Well, I'm not quite sure whether it is a fictional or a real story.

In 1973, Mrs. Bandaranayke’s government decided to establish the Shipping Corporation and decided to buy a Ship. Srilanka's first  ship Mv.Lanka Rani inaugurated the first Liner service in Srilanka. 

All srilankans were so amazed and they went to see that as it is first ship.Everybody were allowed to go inside and have a look.It was crowded by lots of people. Suddenly one girl fell in to the sea from the ship.All were shocked.They didn't know what to do as there ain't any life saver equipments.

Most of the youngsters pretended as they gonna jump and save the girl but nobody did it.Suddenly an old man jumped from the ship and struggled to save that girl. Fortunately an Army life saver boat came by the way and saved both of them.

Once they are safe,all the press reporters rushed to that old man and tried to interview him.They asked "when all the others waited without giving a try to save that girl,even youngsters ,How could you tried?Which made you to do this amateur work?'

He replied "If I ever see the person who pushed me down from the ship,I'll cut him into the pieces.. @#%$%&% &%^#$$#" 

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