Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finals of Cricket World Cup 2011 - Was it a fixed match? Match Fixing Rumours Raise up again.

Cricket world cup 2011 is over. But the rumours about the matches have risen up again (as usual). The fans are always ready to admit the winning or defeat of their favourite team; even it is really hard to digest it sometimes. They congratulate the winning team and cheer up the team who lost by tapping on their shoulders, wish them for the future. But if the victory or defeat is fixed before they start playing, how it will affect the fans as well as the players?

There were some rumours about Paki-Sri Lanka match, and a local Sri Lankan Media claimed against two leading players in Sri Lanka saying the match was fixed and they were forced to lose in the particular match. But Sri Lankan board and management team rejected the allegations completely.

Now there is another rumour raised about the finals of World cup 2011 claiming Sri Lankan Cricket team was forced to lose in the finals in the second half of the match. It is still a rumour, NOT CONFIRMED. 

But Sri Lankan cricket fans and Medias are raising their list of questions. 

  • Why the Sri Lankan team didn’t show any enthusiasm in the second half of the match? 
  • Why Captain Sangakkara didn’t even try setting up the fielding proper when he saw the Indian players were scoring well?
  • Why the fielding was so poor on the particular match? 
  • Why the captain or other players didn’t cheer them up while they were playing? 
  • Why they didn't fight hard until the last minute? 
  • Why they showed the facial expressions as they were dead already, during the match?
  • Why Sri Lankan team captain, vice Captain, Selection team members' resign decision?

But the best part is, Sri Lankan cricket fans were so generous.  Even when their team lost in match, they had welcome ceremonies for their players. They welcomed and cheered up their players on the roads when the players returning to their country. It was really touching. When you have this kind of fans, isn’t it bad to disappoint them and make them as fools? It is not a mistake of the players. When they were forced to do so what they will do?

Match fixing is a nasty thing. Really nasty. The people who fix the matches will never know how badly it affects the hard core fans of the particular game. There were some people who bought the tickets for more than Rs.25000 which is just worth of Rs.500 and went to see the match. How this fixed match might have disappointed them?

I do not claim saying the match was fixed. But as a hard core cricket fan I have all the rights to know the TRUTH. I’m just asking this question from players, bookies, brokers (who fixes the matches), politicians, money makers who make money out of this nasty game. Why you never think about the fans who really love the sports? Would you ever have any games or tournaments without the fans?

Until now the rumours about the match fixing was not proven. We still believe and pray it should just stay as a rumour. Time has to answer this question. 

“They are our Heroes. Whatever said and done, we will be with them always”

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