Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lose weight/fat fast. Are you one of them who still believe in Weight loss myths?

Whether you believe it or not, you can’t just lose weight over night. When you try to lose your weight you should know what all the facts help you in losing your excessive weight. The main fact which takes part in weight loss is calorie burning. Each and every food or drink which we intake contains calories. But the calorie count is varying from item to item. So when we think of losing weight we have to consider about intake as well as calorie burning as well.

The simple methodology behind the weight loss is burn the calories than the amount which you intake. It’s not too difficult to lose fat quickly. But you have to make sure the results are fast and forever. Always remember you can’t just get the results by dieting or exercise alone. You must carry out both in order to empty fat cells. If you follow any other way, it will result water loss and regain fat after diet stops.

There are some simple tips you need to follow to lose fat.

ʘ        Have a diet plan and stick to it.
ʘ        Follow a proper timing on your eating habits. Fix the meal times. Don’t skip it.
ʘ        Go for healthy Fats. It will help you to lose weight (Olive oil, Fish Oil, Nuts)
ʘ        Eat Less Starches.
ʘ        Eat Before Going Out. Don’t stay hungry.
ʘ        Stay active. You can burn calories even by simple day to day activities.
ʘ        Walk a lot.
ʘ        Do not hold breath during exercise.
ʘ        Drink sufficient water.
ʘ        Do not eat after 6.30pm.
ʘ        Protein supplements are very popular in weight loss. Consume them with a dietician’s help.
ʘ        Don’t waste your money on slimming or fat burning pills without knowing about them properly.

You can find so many sites in web which can help you to prepare a proper diet plan. They will help you to find out the calorie count of the food items which you intake. The same time they will help you to measure the amount of burning calories for each and every activity.

Don’t get caught for scams when buying weight loss products. Check with real customers as well as the reliability of the websites which sell those products. Try the free samples before you buy them. Make sure they offer full money back guarantee.

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