Monday, April 25, 2011

Be cautious about muscle building supplements

When we choose the supplements for muscle building we have to be cautious because there are thousands of products available for customers from stores and websites and most of these have too many side effects.

1. Overuse of supplements could lead to liver failure.

2. Increased risk of heart attack.

3. Low blood pressure.

4. Abdominal and muscle cramping.

5 .Long lasting diarrhea

6. Do not take supplements with pre-hormones designer steroids. It may change the natural hormonal regulation and will result mental and physical changes.
  1. Mental Changes:
Sadness, depression. 
  1. Physical changes:
For men – Breast growth, hair loss, extra breast tissues, shrunken testicles
For Women – male voice, body hair growth, enlarged clitoris

But not all the muscle building supplements have side effects. Before using the supplements check their ingredients and make sure they are made of natural formulas. Always check the "Real Customer" reviews of the particular products on web.

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